From TechCrunch: Remember back in the day when Google was only activating 100,000 Android units a day? You should — it was May. By June, that number had jumped to 160,000 units a day. And today it now stands at 200,000 Android units activated a day. That’s pretty incredible.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed as much during a sit down with a group of journalists after his panel at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA. When asked about how the Android platform is doing, Schmidt was practically glowing. He cited the recent quarterly shipment numbers (the ones showing total shipments passed those of the iPhone in the U.S.) and said that he just checked their own internal numbers this morning.

Have you ever bought something from using your mobile device? Try it. It is convenient and easy and does not take more than 2 minutes. As a matter of fact, during the past 12 months, Amazon has sold one billion dollars through mobile devices.

"The leading mobile commerce device today is the smartphone, but we're excited by the potential of the new category of wireless tablet computers," said Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a statement accompanying the company's release of second-quarter results.

Buying from Amazon (and soon others) with your mobile means not having to find time to log into the computer, etc. Just pick up your phone and type Enter your search item and you will be re-directed to your item or near matches. Select your item, click add to shopping cart, check out with 1-Click. Your purchase should arrive within 3 days.

One of the biggest questions companies ask themselves before investing in online social marketing revolves around the challenge of evaluating the return on investment (ROI). In general companies have few benchmarks as compared with traditional media to measure the success of these campaigns.

Nevertheless, it is possible to quantify them. Starbucks got one million clients in only one day thanks to a campaign launched in social circles. Read the complete engagement study in PDF here.

Recently, a new study (PDF) was published by Syncapse whose objective was to evaluate the commercial impact of clicking on the Facebook "Like" button. The conclusion is that on average those users that are fans of a company in the most popular social network spend an additional $71.84 on products for which they are fans compared to those who are not fans.

A historic turn of events for the print publishing business was reached recently as sales of the iPad version of Wired Magazine beat the print estimates of 80,000 copies.

Several sources confirm that 79,000 copies of the digital version of the magazine have already been sold. Both the print and the iPad versions cost $4.99.

Yes, this is the right magazine for the demographic but the mobility of the tablet device such as the iPad and coming mobile technologies such as the new iPhone 4G should now be clearly seen as the next step for the print industry.

As location becomes more and more relevant for users, businesses and advertisers, I am picking up a thread here from Carlo Longino/ and Matt Silk/Mobile Demystified that sheds light on the subject of location via SMS, still the most ubiquitous way to reach consumers on a mobile phone.

On the value to consumers of location-based ads


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