Since the end of the last century, when Marconi and Hertz demonstrated the feasibility of radio transmissions, mankind has endeavoured to fulfill the dream of flawless wireless multimedia telecommunications, enabling people to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, using a range of multimedia services. In fact, "virtually" being with someone, anywhere, at any time at the push of a dialing key - provided that the wireless system, the communicator device as well as the human/communicator interface are up to the associated requirements - is a concept that ultimately leads to the impression of "tele-presence" while communicating.

Naturally, the provision of these "tele-presence" services requires a further quantum leap in a range of enabling technologies from the current state-of-the-art, which is constituted by the well-known mobile phone. The Communications Group is endeavouring to contribute in most of the associated areas. Our long-term research is focused on communications and information theory, providing ideas for more short-term applied research.


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