By Emilio Castellanos

To effectively reach the Hispanic mobile market, brands should ally themselves with organizations that have an established and ongoing relationship with the market and involve themselves with a cause that is important for the particular Hispanic demographic they want to reach. Each case needs to be looked at individually. There is no magic formula that will work across the board. Translating an ad into Spanish just won't do.

Companies seeking to target Hispanics should gain a strong understanding of the cultural differences and behaviors that make them unique --whether they are English or Spanish preferred, represent a particular ethnic group, etc.-- and develop a relationship with them based on those individual characteristics, needs, wants and aspirations. Targeting mobile Hispanics must begin from message conception, contain a long-term component, incorporate multiplatform, and provide an added value service that can be useful and interactive.

By Emilio Castellanos

The God machine was turned on today after 14 years of building when a beam of protons was circulated one way through the 17 mile ring that makes up the Large Hedron Collider (LHC). The most anticipated scientific event of our lifetimes aims to uncover what holds us together.

Following is the third part of a series by Alan Boyle correspondent in Geneva for MSNBC who has been covering the unprecedented event. You can visit to learn more.


August 21, 2008
By Mike Shields, Mediaweek

NEW YORK Advertising on mobile Web sites and applications has the potential to significantly impact brand awareness, even in these still early days of the medium, according to a new report issued by research firm Dynamic Logic.

On average, awareness of a particular brand increased by 24 percentage points among those who were exposed to a mobile ad campaign compared to those who were not, per the report.

Date: June 25, 2008 9:56:09 PM EDT
Source: VentureBeat (
Author: Jake Swearingen

For companies looking to make a move into mobile advertising, it might be good to a get a few bilingual Spanish speakers on staff. While money has already been following Hispanics online for a while, with Hispanic consumer spending expected to top $1 trillion by 2010, and use of mobile phones exploding within the Hispanic market, expect more and more mobile marketing targeted at Hispanics in the coming months [...]

Mobile phones and laptop computers are closer to merging into one single device, through advances in microchip technology and user preference. Some people shun the idea of having a multipurpose device but phone, camera, and music may soon live together in harmony in the mobile internet device (MID) as companies like ARM, Intel and Apple, search for new ways to make mobile devices more efficient and powerful.


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