Explore (http://www.explore.org/explore/hawaii) traces the rich history of lifeguarding, going back to the legendary Duke Kahanamoku and Eddie Aikau, in this moving tribute to Hawaii’s "guardians of the sea." The team then jumps to modern day Pipeline, where highly skilled lifeguards protect surfers from the ocean's powerful swells.

Explore is a philanthropic multimedia organization that makes documentary films and photographs to showcase extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world.

By Emilio Castellanos

Up to now carriers have dominated and controlled most every aspect of the device, network, content distribution, payments, and many more consumer facing services in the market; but, times are changing. The symbiosis between devices and consumers might be pushing carriers towards new standards that could open the market to greater innovation.

First went the so called "walled gardens" with the introduction of the iPhone and Blackberry. Consumers, being able to access URL's directly from their phone browser, quickly abandoned the value-less proposition that the carriers forced upon them and flocked in numbers to the growing pool of mobile sites sprouting-up around the spectrum.

By Mickey Alam Khan, Editor in chief of Mobile Marketer
May 11, 2009

That lament – that brands aren’t serious about mobile marketing or even ready for the channel – should be put to rest once and for all.

This is very cool. This scanner app for google mobile phones allows you to to check prices, reviews and product details with Android. According to Eiji Hirai, the integration of Barcode Scanner and Product Search for mobile is available in the US and UK, for Android-powered devices.

I just wish the carriers would stop looking at old models of market share gain through device placement and concentrate on core services. Markets need to be opened up to all of these new applications.

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By Brian Chen from Wired - Gadget Lab
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The psychedelically radical video above was shot with a $100,000 high-speed camera called the Typhoon HD4, capturing intricacies of ocean waves normally imperceivable to the human eye. Shot as a teaser for BBC’s upcoming South Pacific series, the clip features surfer Dylan Longbottom in a 12-foot monster barrel.

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