By Jordan Crook, Mobile Marketer

NEW YORK -- Despite the overall decline in marketing budgets nationwide, companies are allocating their marketing dollars to mobile.

This was the topic of conversation at the Mobile Marketing Association's Mobile Marketing Forum in the Grand Hyatt Hotel where Peter Johnson, vice president of market intelligence and strategy, MMA, led a panel discussion titled "Marketing Industry Research: 2009." "Our main purpose is to create a model of who we are as an industry so when we make decisions we can tell clients, ‘if you do this or that, I know what will make a difference for you and consumers," Mr. Johnson said.

Google recently released Fast Flip - a categorized collection of screenshots from print and online that allegedly allows "faster" news browsing. It is a promising experiment. Google now needs to include more publishers and level the playing field to showcase quality content. Once there are enough players users should be able to customize views, topics and sources.

Basic features include a "magazine style rack" homepage layout that lets users browse "as quickly as flipping through a magazine"; top stories and topic tabs generated by most read, most emailed and most popular partner attributes; voting and recommending to friends; personalization of relevant topics with your Google account login; and available apps for iPhone and Android.

By Marshall Kirkpatrick,

We've been writing a lot here about Augmented Reality (AR), technology that displays layers of data on top of our view of physical reality through mobile phone cameras, projected images or webcams. It seems like a red-hot field and something we should cover all the more. Some people think that's not the case though; they say it's just hype, a technology looking for applications or a recipe for disappointment.

Below we offer you a chance to let us know what you think. Please take our poll and let us know if you think these services being heralded as Augmented Reality are the real deal or something not worth reading about. Just below the poll we offer some links to a few of our most important articles about AR and some opposing viewpoints from readers. Let us know what you think!

By Susan Marshall, MediaPost Online

iPhone apps and WAP (mobile Internet) sites, often overshadow SMS (text messaging), as sexier ways to reach mobile phone users. But SMS is fast, effective and provokes action especially in teens and young adults. In fact, a new study from Local Mobile Search says SMS advertising generates response rates two to ten times higher than Internet display ads.

"While much of the ad industry is focused on the iPhone and other smartphones because of the buzz and excitement surrounding these devices, they currently represent only 15% or 16% of total handsets in the U.S.," says the report authored by Opus Senior Analyst Greg Sterling.


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