Everybody’s favourite mobile barcode service (so it seems, sometimes) has a major update today. Big In Japan, creators of the ShopSavvy barcode reading app, has two big announcements. First, it is expanding the variety of barcodes ShopSavvy reads to include the massively popular 2D QR Code. More interestingly, it is also introducing a new Augmented Reality (AR) service to the app.

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What does ShopSavvy do?
It’s a smartphone application that allows you to scan the barcodes you can see on any product in a shop. Once you’ve scanned the barcode, ShopSavvy would provide you with information from all over the world about how much that product costs elsewhere. It allows you to comparison shop while on the go, and even provides a list of local shops that have the product, and directions to those shops on a map.

So what’s Augmented Reality?

BMW has selected China for a world-first in advertising - personalized video messages delivered directly to cell phones.

The targeted messages, distributed Dec 21-24 in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, addressed individual customers with a holiday greeting that is uniquely tailored to a specific individual.

For BMW, being first in advertising innovation is second nature. The company that brought the world BMW Films and the eight part branded entertainment series “The Hire”, is now partnering with mobile technology provider Clip in Touch (http://www.clipintouch.com/) to engage their audience in a new way. Initial response to the campaign has been very positive, generating more test drives in a three day period than at any time this year.

BMW is growing quickly in China. Sales are up this year more than 40% to 90,000 units. For the launch of its new X1 series, the German luxury automaker recognized it needed to reach a younger demographic in the most relevant medium- mobile.

The Verizon/Motorola/Google mobile phone DROID arrived in stores November 6 and is causing a stir. The cost is $199.99 (plus tax on the full retail value $599.99) with a new two-year customer agreement after a $100 mail-in rebate in the form of a debit card.

You will probably want to consider buying an extra battery (I did not) to support heavy internet browsing and application use, although according to this test it is pretty good.

The Droid offers no global plan.

Tip 1: If you are having problems connecting from your PC to your Droid, look for a USB indicator on the notification bar of the phone... drag that down and tap on it... select mount, and it should just show up as a removable drive on your PC.

By Emilio Castellanos

There has recently been some buzz about companies getting sued for conducting non compliant or flawed SMS campaigns. In particular I am referring to the class action suits filed against Coors Light and CBS-owned Simon & Schuster.

MillerCoors LLC is being sued for running a mobile sweepstakes promotion in which it allegedly printed invalid promotional codes. Simon & Schuster is in trouble for having allegedly sent unsolicited messages during a three-year SMS campaign for the Stephen King horror novel "The Cell."

These two class action suits highlight the need for companies embarking on SMS campaigns and promotions to ensure that campaigns meet the Mobile Marketing Association's (MMA) guidelines, receive adequate legal attention, and are administered and deployed by mobile professionals using only the best mobile infrastructure available.

From MC Marketing Charts, Read original article here

More than 70% of US print publishers in a recent survey say that mobile is receiving more attention at their publication this year than last, though only about one-third believe they have a well-developed plan for attacking and conquering the mobile market, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), which conducted the research.

The study, “Going Mobile: How Publishers Are Preparing for the Burgeoning Digital Market,” (pdf) found that most publishers are already focusing on the mobile market or planning to do so soon in an attempt to expand their brands, reach new audiences and generate additional revenue.


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