MicroSIM to NanoSIM Cutting Guide PDF for Nexus 5X and 6P

Although we make no claim or guarantee this will work for you (fat fingers), you can save the trip to the store and cut your SIM card yourself with this great guide from GoSoftWorks. Just download and print the PDF attached. And give some KUDOS to GoSoftWorks by liking their video and visiting their website.

Recommending Amazon Echo

Highly recommended: Amazon Echo, the new addition to our kitchen. Super easy to set up, lot's of fun and extremely useful! We feel like we are in "2001: A Space Odyssey", and I feel like we're the Jetsons. Emilio Jr. is even giving it orders: "Alexa, play Elmo!". We can only imagine what his future will look like.

Yes it has its quirks but it is still fun and useful. Pair it with your Phillips Hue and ask it to turn the lights on and off. Which is some fun in itself.

12 Great Gifts for Technology Fanatics in 2014

Here are 12 Great Gifts for Technology Fanatics in 2014 that range in price from $17.99. to $1,500.00. There is something here for everyone and a window into the future. If you are an early adopter or know someone who is just crazy about gadgets and technology they will love any of these items. This is cutting edge stuff available now that is very advanced for the world that was.

Why I love my new Surface Pro 3

After looking at tablets, hybrids and laptops for a while and having settled on an i7 Sony Vaio laptop that I plug in as my workstation, I finally found what I’ve been looking for and it is called the Surface Pro 3.

And although my laptop is awesome, touch screen, 16 inch display, the works, it’s just too big to pack up and go, power strip and all. Who wants a briefcase these days?

EE sees more LTE subs turn away from WiFi

Subscribers might be angry with WiFi. Why? Because it is "less secure" in their perception, also a real hassle to connect! No wonder we prefer to be connected 100% of the time. Just look stuff up without the inconvenience of another login, another screen. Payment perhaps!?

Yes this has implications. Here is the story:

Understand and cope with the times: computers, websites and social media

We all got really thrown into the mix when the internet was introduced in 1983. At a time when cars were mechanical instead of computerized and typing was done in a typewriter instead of on your phone!” It was during College when I discovered the Internet for the first time: we exchanged a picture with a group of students in a campus from the other part of the country. The picture opened very slowly but I was hooked. The Internet had changed my life and it became my passion.


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