Dr. Perricone discusses: The dieter's dilemma

By Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN
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The pressure to be thin has never been greater.  Unfortunately our daily food choices have made this goal practically impossible! 

The average American, adult and child alike, are bombarded with corn-fed beef, high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars and starches and dangerous transfats.  Even that ubiquitous jar of peanut butter is guilty, harboring a hefty dose of hydrogenated fats.

The trouble with these foods is they sabotage even the most dedicated dieter because they encourage the storage of body fat by being pro-inflammatory.  Maintaining a healthy weight is not about your daily intake of fat - and it is not about cutting out the carbs.  It is about something most people have no conception of - the connection between inflammation and body fat (and the fact that one is never present without the other).

Take your diet book with french fries

Here is where marketing tact should meet with editorial direction. Many times, if not taken into account, this lack of foresight can result in customer outrage.

Take a look at the following article “McDonald's … You Are "McKilling" Me!” expressing deep concern from readers who bought a diet book through and received accompanying coupons offering a fried mcsandwich, fries and a drink!

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